Tosha-khana, Cypher, and Iddat cases are false and politically motivated: Imran Khan

Imran Khan.

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan has vehemently denounced the unfolding cases of Tosha-khana, Cypher, and Iddat, branding them as frivolous, baseless, and politically motivated.

Khan, in a post on his X handle, warned against the potential repercussions of the Cypher case, emphasising the need for decisive action to prevent foreign interference in Pakistan’s internal matters. Drawing parallels to historical betrayals, he expressed concern over the denial of his legal right to cross-examine witnesses, painting the situation as orchestrated to silence opposition voices.

Addressing the Tosha-khana case, he claimed that it was concocted due to the absence of evidence regarding financial corruption. He accused the authorities of manipulating the trial and depriving him of the fundamental right to cross-examination when it became evident that the trial might not yield the desired outcome.

Expressing urgency in the Iddat case, Khan alleged that it was expedited to create a narrative against his vision of establishing Pakistan on the principles of Riasat-e Madinah.

He decried the lack of fairness in the trial and accused authorities of aiming to declare him guilty without due process.

Despite the ongoing legal battles, the former Prime Minister urged the people of Pakistan not to be disheartened, emphasising that these cases lack legal basis and are part of a prolonged political circus. He called on the citizens to recognise the power of their vote as the ultimate tool to overthrow what he referred to as “imposed crooks.”

He reassured the nation that Allah is the ultimate planner, encouraging resilience in the face of adversity.

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