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Kashmir had to suffer because of Nehru’s mistakes: Modi in Lok Sabha

Narendra Modi.

New Delhi: In his address to the Lok Sabha on Monday, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi launched multiple criticisms against India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

He said Congress leader’s thinking was the root cause of the problems that Kashmir and India had to face, PTI reported.

Modi claimed that Nehru considered Indians lazy and of low intelligence. During his nearly 100-minute speech, Modi strongly attacked the Congress and the Gandhi family, asserting that the party never had faith in India’s potential.

According to Modi, the Congress remained fixated on one family, failing to recognize the aspirations and achievements of the people. He quoted Nehru’s Independence Day speech, where Nehru allegedly stated that Indians did not work as hard as Europeans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, or Americans and insinuated that Indians were lazy and lacked intelligence.

Modi also cited former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s comments from the Red Fort, suggesting that the Congress’s perception of Indians as complacent and defeatist continued. He characterised this mindset as reflective of the “royal family” of the Congress and noted its persistence in present times.

Responding to Modi’s criticism, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor dismissed the focus on Nehru, stating that it was flattering for the Prime Minister to dedicate his entire speech to the Congress.

Modi further blamed Nehru for problems in Kashmir and the country, asserting that Nehru’s thinking was the root cause of these issues.

Despite challenges such as inflation, Modi claimed his government successfully managed the economy.

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