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VIDEO: Delhi-Srinagar flight faces turbulent weather, terrified passengers recite Quranic verses

A screengrab of the video showing terrified passengers.

Srinagar: In a harrowing incident on Monday, Indigo flight 6E6125, en route from New Delhi to Srinagar, had a narrow escape as it faced severe turbulence and struggled against strong storm conditions during its descent.

The incident occurred amidst challenging weather conditions in Kashmir, with ongoing snowfall and adverse weather affecting air travel in the region. Passengers on board the flight found themselves in a tense situation as the aircraft battled against the turbulent weather.

A video shared online shows passengers loudly screaming during the turbulence. Some passengers were heard reciting holy verses, reflecting the fear and anxiety that gripped the cabin as they felt it could be their last moments.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the pilots maneuvered the aircraft, ultimately managing to land safely at Srinagar’s Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport.

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