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Srinagar: Jaipur filmmaker holds 2-day workshop on cinematic skills

Two day filmmaking workshop held at FPK office in Srinagar on March 10, 2024.

Srinagar: A Jaipur-based filmmaker Arpit Gangwal recently wrapped up a two-day filmmaking workshop in Srinagar, Kashmir, marking a positive step in the artistic and filmmaking scene of the region. All the 25 participants see such initiatives as hopeful for aspiring filmmakers.

The workshop aimed to make filmmaking techniques accessible to local youth, providing them with the knowledge needed for a career in cinema. Recognising the potential of the participants, Gangwal shared his expertise with the students who had gathered at the office of Free Press Kashmir.

The filmmaker highlighted the transformative power of such initiatives, stressing the importance of cross-state collaborations to offer more exposure and opportunities for aspiring filmmakers.

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