IAF’s Tejas fighter jet crashes in Jaisalmer

Screenshot of the video.

Jaisalmer: India’s indigenous fighter jet, the Tejas, crashed near a hostel complex in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

The pilot ejected safely, but the jet was engulfed in flames. The Indian Air Force is launching a court of inquiry to understand the incident, as per NDTV.

A video captured the pilot ejecting from the jet, with the fighter gliding at a low altitude. The footage shows the jet moving from right to left, and the pilot deploys the parachute, descending safely toward the ground.

The Tejas, a manned aircraft, lost altitude and crashed on the grounds of a student hostel a few meters away.

In the video, a white parachute is visible as it descends. The ejection seat mechanism involves explosives under the seat, blowing the canopy of the fighter jet and propelling the pilot into the air.

Ejecting from a jet involves high g-forces, up to 20 times the force experienced on Earth, posing a risk of serious injuries and potential restrictions on future flights for the pilots.

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