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Man-eater leopard creates panic in Budgam, kills 2 minors in 17 days

Leopard. [File Photo]

Budgam: In Budgam, a man-eater leopard has claimed second victim in just 17 days. The latest casualty, Toiba Mushtaq, a 6-year-old girl, fell prey to the predator in the Hariwani area on Monday evening, sending shockwaves throughout the area.

Residents of Budgam find themselves living in a state of heightened anxiety and distress as news of the fatal attack spreads.

Toiba’s body was discovered on the grounds of her home, serving as a grim reminder of the looming danger.

Authorities swiftly mobilised in response to the tragedy, launching a massive operation to capture the elusive leopard responsible for the heinous act.

With cages strategically placed in neighboring villages and wildlife officials on high alert, the race against time to apprehend the dangerous animal has intensified.

Budgam: The recent spate of leopard attacks has left the region reeling, with this latest incident marking the second fatality in less than three weeks.

Just over a fortnight ago, a 9-year-old girl met a similarly tragic end in the nearby village of Samsan, succumbing to injuries inflicted by a leopard.

Another minor boy narrowly escaped with his life in a separate encounter, further exacerbating the sense of unease gripping the area.

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