Oppn won’t ever support ‘Hindi, Hindutva, Hindustan’ agenda: Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor.

New Delhi: The recent statement by BJP leader Jyoti Mirdha regarding potential constitutional amendments has raised concerns within the opposition, prompting a response from Congress leader Shashi Tharoor.

Mirdha clarified that her remarks, made during a public meeting on March 31, emphasised the necessity of securing a parliamentary majority for such amendments.

Tharoor, while acknowledging the cooperative approach of the Congress towards popular amendments, expressed apprehension over the BJP’s underlying agenda, particularly its association with the “Hindi, Hindutva, Hindustan” narrative related to proponents of a Hindu Rashtra.

He urged Mirdha to consider the implications of her stance in light of her family’s legacy in preserving India’s unity.

Mirdha defended her remarks, highlighting the evolving nature of the Constitution and its amendments over time, emphasizing that amendments must align with the inclusive principles of the Constitution.

Tharoor, however, maintained that any amendments should uphold the ethos of unity and inclusivity enshrined in the Constitution.

The exchange underscores the ongoing debate surrounding constitutional amendments and their implications for India’s democratic fabric.

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