BJP Minority Morcha leader expelled for criticising Modi over ‘divisive, defamatory speech’

Usman Ghani with Narendra Modi.

The Bikaner BJP Minority Morcha district president, Usman Ghani, was expelled from the party after expressing dissatisfaction with Prime MMinisterif India Narendra Modi’s recent statements in Rajasthan, which the party deemed as damaging its reputation.

Ghani, speaking to a news channel in New Delhi, had predicted that the BJP might lose three to four Lok Sabha seats out of Rajasthan’s 25.

He also criticized Modi’s remarks about Muslims during election rallies in the state, expressing disappointment as a Muslim himself.

Ghani mentioned that when he approaches Muslim voters for BJP, they question him about the prime minister’s statements and expect explanations.

Additionally, Ghani noted that the Jat community in Rajasthan was upset with the BJP, citing their votes against the party in Churu and other areas.

Despite potential consequences, Ghani asserted that he was unafraid of the party taking action against him for his statements.

Following the circulation of a video showing Ghani’s comments, BJP state disciplinary committee chairman Onkar Singh Lakhawat stated that Ghani’s actions tarnished the party’s image in the media.

Consequently, Ghani was expelled from the party for six years due to this breach of discipline.

The expulsion occurred just after polling for the Bikaner Lok Sabha seat on April 19.

During a rally in Banswara, Rajasthan, Modi alleged that if the Congress were to come to power, it would redistribute wealth to Muslims, suggesting that Congress plans to allocate resources to “infiltrators” and families with many children using hard-earned taxpayer money and valuables.

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