Iran retaliates by targeting military installations inside Israel with drones and missiles

Ballistic missiles of Iran. [File Photo]

Iran conducted retaliatory airstrikes on Israel using more than 200 missiles and drones on Saturday night, prompting global leaders to call for calm and restraint.

The Israeli military reported that Iran targeted their country with cruise and ballistic missiles, with dozens of these projectiles intercepted both inside and outside Israel’s borders.

In response to the attacks, Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs defended the strikes as necessary to protect their national interests and territorial integrity, citing adherence to international law and the principles of the United Nations Charter.

President Joe Biden condemned the attacks and announced plans to convene a meeting with G7 leaders to coordinate a diplomatic response. The White House reaffirmed strong support for Israel and a commitment to staying vigilant against threats, despite no immediate attacks on American forces or facilities.

China expressed concern over the escalating conflict and urged both sides to exercise restraint to prevent further destabilisation in the region.

Germany, France, and India joined in condemning Iran’s actions, expressing worry about the potential for a broader regional conflict.

The United Nations Secretary-General also condemned the attacks, emphasising the heightened risk of escalating conflicts in the Middle East.

Iran’s strikes were reportedly a response to an earlier Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy’s consular section in Damascus, Syria, on April 1, which resulted in casualties including Iranian commanders and others.

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