We must remain alert as campaign is not over yet: Israel Defence Minister Yoav Gallant

Israeli Minister of Defence Yoav Gallant.

Yoav Gallant, Israel’s Defence Minister, has stated that the recent attacks from Iran caused “very little damage,” but cautioned that the campaign is far from over. Gallant emphasised the importance of remaining vigilant and alert in the face of ongoing threats.

“Very little damage was caused, but the campaign is not over yet,” said Defense Minister Gallant in response to the recent Iranian missile and drone strikes targeting Israel.

Earlier in the day, Iran launched drones and missiles towards Israel. This retaliatory strike was in response to an earlier attack in Syria that resulted in the deaths of senior Iranian military figures, marking the first instance of Iran targeting Israel from its own territory.

According to Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari, the majority of the over 200 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and attack drones launched by Iran were intercepted with the assistance of Israel’s allies before reaching their intended targets. Early reports indicated that the only significant impacts were a 10-year-old girl who sustained serious injuries and minor damage to an army base.

Hagari characterised the attack from Iran as “a severe and dangerous escalation,” emphasising the gravity of the situation in the region.

Global leaders have called for restraint and diplomacy in response to escalating tensions in the region.

After the attack, Iranian Foreign Minister reiterated the country’s stance on the recent missile strikes targeting Israeli military bases, calling them a legitimate act of defence guaranteed by the United Nations Charter.

“Attacking military bases in the Zionist entity is a legitimate defense guaranteed by the United Nations Charter,” the Foreign Minister declared.

He emphasised Iran’s determination to protect the country’s sovereignty, unity, and national interests against any form of aggression. The Minister reaffirmed Iran’s readiness to take further defensive measures as needed to safeguard its interests.

“Our resort to defensive measures in exercising the right to self-defence proves our responsible approach to regional security,” he added.

Iran has also banned Israeli-linked vessels from operating in the Oman Sea and Persian Gulf, reflecting escalating tensions between Iran and Israel.

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