Israel’s ground offensive in Rafah delayed after Iran attack, claims report

Israel was preparing for a ground offensive in Gaza’s Rafah city but postponed this action due to Iran’s recent attack on their country, CNN international reported.

The attack from Iran, which involved over 300 projectiles aimed at Israel, has sparked intense debates within Israel’s war cabinet.

The Israeli Air Force was planning to drop leaflets over Rafah as part of the preparation for a ground operation, but these plans were put on hold after Iran’s attack.

Despite the delay, Israeli officials are determined to proceed with the ground offensive in Rafah.

In Gaza, more than 33,000 Palestinians were killed as Israel continues genocide.

The war cabinet convened for a lengthy meeting on Monday to assess military plans for potential responses to Iran’s attack. However, it is currently unclear what the exact response will be or when it will be implemented.

Israeli military officials emphasised that they will respond to Iran’s attack decisively.

The IDF chief of staff and spokesman affirmed that Israel will take all necessary measures to defend itself at the appropriate time.

Alongside considering military options, Israel’s war cabinet is also exploring diplomatic avenues to isolate Iran internationally.

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