‘Microscopic size’: SC questions size of Patanjali’s apology ads


New Delhi: During a court hearing on Tuesday regarding Patanjali’s ‘misleading’ advertisements case, the Supreme Court expressed dissatisfaction with the small size of the company’s public apology ads in newspapers.

The court questioned whether the apology was adequately visible and readable, remarking that it should not require a microscope to view.

The court questioned if the “apology was the same size as its advertisements”. It added, “We want to see that when you issue an ad it does not mean we have to see it by a microscope. It is not meant to be on paper but also read.”

The Supreme Court directed Patanjali to provide the advertisements in their original size, without enlarging them.

Earlier this month, Ramdev and Patanjali Ayurved’s Managing Director Acharya Balkrishna personally apologised to the Supreme Court after facing contempt charges for holding a press conference and publishing ads that allegedly violated court orders.

The apology was in response to contempt notices issued by the court in a case initiated by the Indian Medical Association (IMA), which accused them of disseminating misleading information and criticising allopathic medicine.

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