Vladimir Putin takes oath as president of Russia for 5th term

Vladimir Putin. [File Photo]

Vladimir Putin commenced his new six-year term as presdient of Russia on Tuesday at a Kremlin ceremony. Howeevr, the event was boycotted by the United States and several other Western nations due to Russia’s involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

Putin, who has held power as president or prime minister since 1999, embarks on his new term amid ongoing Russian military actions in Ukraine, where Russian forces have regained momentum and are pushing for further advances in the eastern regions.

“For Russia, this is the continuation of our path, this is stability – you can ask any citizen on the street,” Reuters quoted a close ally of Putin as saying before the ceremony.
The Russo-Ukrainian War is an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, which began in February 2014. Following Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity, Russia occupied and annexed Crimea from Ukraine and supported pro-Russian separatists fighting the Ukrainian military in the Donbas war.

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