US plans $1 billion more in weapons, ammo for Israel amid genocide in Gaza: Report

Widespread destruction and killings caused by Israel in Gaza. [Photo: X]

The United States  has informed important members that it will provide Israel with more than $1 billion worth of extra weapons and ammunition, AP reported quoting three congressional staffers.

However, the delivery schedule for the weaponry was not immediately known. This is the first arms shipment to Israel following US President Joe Biden’s threat to withhold bombs and artillery shells if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proceeded with an attack on Rafah, the southern Gaza city where over a million Palestinians have sought safety after six months of fighting.

Additionally, the government affirmed last week that it had stopped a shipment of explosives, including 2,000-pound ones, for the first time because of concern that they would be used against civilians in Rafah, potentially posing a fatal risk.

In Gaza, more than 35,000 Palestinians have lost lives since October 7, 2023, as Israel continues strikes.

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