Israeli tanks advance deeper into eastern Rafah amid int’l calls for ceasefire

A child stands on the rubble of damaged buildings in Gaza as Israel continues attack on Palestinians, killing over 35,000 so far.

Israeli tanks advanced further into eastern Rafah on Tuesday, reaching residential neighborhoods in the southern border city where over a million people had sought shelter after being displaced during seven months of conflict.

In Gaza, Israel has killed more than 34,500 Palestinians since October 7, when Hamas retaliated to decades-long occupational crimes committed by Israel across Palestine.

Despite calls from international allies and aid organisations to avoid a ground incursion into densely populated Rafah, citing the risk of a humanitarian crisis, Israel continued its operation.

Qatar’s Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani stated that Israel’s actions in Rafah have hindered efforts to negotiate a ceasefire mediated by Qatar and Egypt, although talks would persist.

Israel has committed to pressing on with its operation in Rafah, aiming to eliminate four remaining Hamas battalions reportedly entrenched in the city.

According to a resident speaking to Reuters via a messaging app, tanks moved west of Salahuddin Road into the Brzail and Jneina neighborhoods, where clashes erupted in the streets. Social media footage purportedly showed a tank on George Street in the Al-Jneina neighborhood, although Reuters was unable to verify the video.

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