Oxford researchers demand transparency on varsity’s investments in weapon companies linked to Israel

IDF in Gaza where they have killed more than 35,000 since October 7.

As thousands of students, at more than 130 colleges and universities across the US, continue protesting  against ongoing genocide in Gaza, one researcher at the University of Oxford has emphasised the need for full transparency regarding the university’s investments in weapons companies and firms linked to Israel’s actions in Gaza.

This researcher, identified only as Rowan, is part of a larger movement within the university where faculty and staff are demanding divestment from entities complicit in Gaza-related conflicts, Anadolu Agency reported

As student-led encampments protesting Israel’s assault continue on the Oxford campus, about 500 faculty and staff members have shown solidarity with these protests. They advocate for divestment from Israel and seek to reshape the university’s ethical stance on current events.

Rowan clarified that the demands of the faculty differ from those of the students but stressed their collective desire to reform the university’s stance on ethical investments and funding transparency. The primary demand is for Oxford to disinvest from any ties with corporations involved in the Israeli conflict.

Rowan, a medieval literature researcher, also highlighted the importance of disclosing and reforming these investments once they are made transparent, the report said.

Additionally, the group is urging for a boycott of Israeli universities until the conflict in Gaza is resolved and advocating for Oxford to contribute to rebuilding educational infrastructure in Gaza, where universities have been destroyed.

Rowan expressed solidarity with global campus protests in support of Palestine and noted the university administration’s support for peaceful demonstrations.

However, concerns remain about potential repercussions for participants, with believing that standing up for justice will not adversely affect anyone’s career.

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