Ram Rajya will begin in India now, says Rajnath

Rajnath Singh, Defence Minister of India.

Ayodhya: Defence Minister of India Rajnath Singh has that the establishment of the Ram temple in Ayodhya marks the beginning of Ram Rajya in India, adding that it does not mean a theocratic state. Speaking in his constituency, he said that Ram Rajya signifies fostering a sense of responsibility and duty among the people.

Singh said, “Ram is central to our faith. We promised a grand Ram Mandir in Ayodhya if we secured a majority, and now that it is done, I feel Lord Ram has moved from his hut to his palace. This reinforces my belief that Ram Rajya will begin in India.”

He explained that Ram Rajya is about cultivating a sense of duty among people. Without this, and with only a sense of rights, Ram Rajya cannot be achieved. He cited the Ramayan, noting that Kaikeyi’s focus on rights over duty caused the crisis leading to Lord Ram’s exile.

Singh lamented that politics, meant to guide society, has lost its essence in independent India. He asserted that India needs politicians who can restore the true meaning of politics, emphasising the importance of leaders’ actions matching their words to avoid a trust deficit.

He shared that he avoids making promises to voters, recounting his early career when he doubted fulfilling his assurances despite becoming an MLA. Consequently, he vowed not to make direct promises in future elections.

Singh praised his party for addressing and overcoming the credibility crisis in Indian politics, fulfilling the promises made in their election manifesto.

About the abolition of the triple talaq system, he said, “This was not about interfering with another religion. Regardless of religion, we must protect those being mistreated. That’s why we ended triple talaq.”

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