Ship carrying 27 tons of explosives from India to Israel denied permission by Spain

View of Cartagena from the fortification East of the city.

Spain has denied an Israel-bound ship carrying arms permission to dock at the southeastern port of Cartagena, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares announced on Thursday.

Albares confirmed that the Marianne Danica, carrying arms to Israel, had requested to dock on May 21, as reported by Reuters.

He stated that this decision aligns with Spain’s policy of banning arms exports to Israel since war began in October. In Gaza, more than 35,000 Palestinians have lost lives as Israel continues genocidal attacks.

Albares emphasised that Spain will consistently deny docking rights to any ship transporting arms to Israel. The Marianne Danica was reportedly carrying nearly 27 tons of explosives from Madras, India.

The ship’s operator, H. Folmer & Co, has not commented. This issue arises amid tensions between Spain’s ruling Socialists and their hard-left coalition partners regarding the transit of arms to Israel, Reuters reported.

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