Former US presidential candidate Nikki Haley writes ‘Finish Them’ on IDF shell while touring Lebanon border

Nikki Haley seen writing a message (finish them) on an Israeli shell to be used against people of Gaza

Former US presidential candidate Nikki Haley was photographed inscribing “Finish Them” on an Israeli shell during a visit to areas near Lebanon’s northern border.

The photo was shared on X by Danny Danon, an Israeli parliament member and former UN ambassador, who was with Haley on her visit.

“‘Finish Them.’ This is what my friend, former ambassador Nikki Haley, wrote,” Danon noted in his post, showing Haley kneeling and writing on a shell with a purple marker.

Haley, known for her hawkish stance, served as the UN envoy under Donald Trump, during which her term coincided with Danon’s.

In Gaza, Israel has killed at least 36,096 people in genocide, mostly civilians, according to the territory’s health ministry.

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