Facebook hit with fresh user data leak, claim researchers


New Delhi: Cybersecurity experts have alerted the public to a suspected data breach affecting at least one hundred thousand Facebook users, as revealed on a data breach forum, IANS reported.

According to the team at CyberPeace, a non-profit organisation based in New Delhi, approximately 100,000 lines of recent user data from Facebook (Meta) have emerged on a data breach platform. This compromised information reportedly includes users’ full names, profiles, email addresses, phone numbers, and locations.

The exposure of such personal details raises concerns about potential phishing attacks and other malicious activities targeting affected people. The identity of the perpetrators behind this breach remains unknown.

Facebook (Meta) has not yet responded to the claims made by CyberPeace, the report said.

Investigations are currently underway to determine whether this breach was orchestrated by a sophisticated cybercriminal group, hacktivists, or other malicious entities. The potential repercussions of this breach for Facebook (Meta) include damage to its reputation and trust among users due to concerns about data security.

This alleged breach shows the persistent challenges posed by cyber threats in the digital realm.

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