Morocco: Thousands march in solidarity with Palestine, condemn Israeli genocide in Gaza

Protesters demanded civilian protection in Gaza and called for aid delivery.

Thousands marched on Sunday in Mohammedia, western Morocco, to show solidarity with Gaza, condemning the genocide against its residents and praising Palestinian resilience.

Organized by the Moroccan Front in Support of Palestine and Against Normalization, which includes political, union, and human rights groups, protesters demanded civilian protection in Gaza and called for aid delivery.

Participants denounced the Israeli army’s “massacre at Al-Nuseirat camp” in Gaza and other violent acts against Palestinians.

On Saturday, Israeli forces launched heavy artillery and air strikes on the refugee camp, killing at least 274 people and injuring nearly 700, according to local health authorities, drawing widespread condemnation.

The protest moved through major streets in Mohammedia before gathering in the city center.

Israel has continued its offensive on Gaza since an October 7, 2023, despite a UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire.

Over 37,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed in Gaza, with nearly 84,500 others injured, according to local health authorities.

Eight months into the Israeli war, Gaza remains devastated under a blockade of food, water, and medicine.

Israel faces genocide accusations at the International Court of Justice, which recently ordered Tel Aviv to halt operations in Rafah, where over a million Palestinians had sought refuge before it was invaded on May 6.

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