You are rewarding assassins: Hurriyat tells Modi

Call for shutdown on 2nd April against his proposed visit  


Srinagar: Hurriyat leaders have called a shutdown on 2nd April in protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the valley. They said in a statement that the development rhetoric will not lure Kashmiris.

The resistance leaders also maintained that Prime Minister Narendra Modi instead of punishing assassins responsible for genocide of Kashmiris, is rewarding and awarding them.

The statement also read that other than calling for shutdowns, the authorities have left no other option of registering protest.

“The Kashmir issue is not about governance, economic packages or incentives. Neither it is a law and order problem. It is a political issue. People are striving for their right to self-determination however India is not responding and nor they honour the aspirations of suppressed people, “the statement observed.

Resistance leaders further added, “All rhetoric about development or constructions of tunnels and roads are futile and won’t succeed to lure us. We have presented unparalleled sacrifice and nourished the movement with pious blood.”

The statement also pointed out that the leaders don’t nourish any animosity towards the PM, but instead of taking note of the genocide in the valley he is ‘awarding and rewarding’ assassins.

“We don’t nourish any animosity with Indian prime minister, however it is frightening & painful that instead of taking notice of genocide in state, he is awarding and rewarding assassins.”

“It is painful that he never took interest to inquire about those disappeared in forces’ custody, seven thousand unmarked graves and even preferred to turn a blind eye towards gruesome events of Kunan Poshpora, “Hurriyat statement said.

They also said that it’s shocking that the ‘drama of elections’ that too under the shade of gun is being enacted in such a volatile situation.

“The sole aim of this drama is to mislead the international community. Kashmir issue can’t be resolved through these elections as the core issue is related to the aspirations and sentiments of 15 million people. You must understand the fact that today the youth of Kashmir are demanding nothing except the right to self-determination, “ the statement maintained.

With inputs from KNS

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