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If Yoga is not your thing, here are five alternatives

Srinagar: If yoga is not your thing, worry not, for you have five alternatives.

The discipline of yoga has had its roots in the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India for over 5,000 years ago and remains to be one of India’s significant cultural exports. It was on December 11, 2014; the United Nations General Assembly declared June 21st as the International Day of Yoga.

It is believed that yoga has the ability to calm and strengthen the body and also enhance activities of the brain and stretching of the body.

Such is the aura and dominance of yoga in India that it is considered supreme and has a larger Hindu sentiment attached to it but there are better alternatives to it.

Here they are:

  1. Climbing


Can climbing a cliff or a wall bring calming effects?

Studies show that it can. During rock climbing, the body executes a number of physical tests and it concentrates on strengthening and toning each and every muscle. It boosts your heart rate, strengthens muscles and develops stamina in the same pattern as yoga does. Besides it also helps in increasing flexibility, burns calories, reduces stress and improves mental stability.

Apart from physical and mental fitness it helps you in fighting fear and anxiety, and builds up your confidence.

According to a 1997 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the cardio and energy consumed in rock climbing is similar to running at a pace between 8 and 11 minutes per mile.

So give it a thought.

  1. Parkour

Also known as free-running, it is a French military-designed training course. The obstacles used in it require extreme focus and a can-do attitude, and physical abilities such running, jumping, swinging, rolling and even climbing.

It is a skillful art which absorbs all the power of meditation and challenges your body in new thrilling and dynamic ways. Some of the remarkable benefits are: it promotes quick thinking, stimulates creativity and boosts confidence.

What gives it an edge over Yoga is that in a study conducted through a youth incentive in Westminster in conjunction with parkour coaching, crime rate between youth ages 8-19 was reduced by 69% during the time they coached parkour.

Parkour channelizes energy in a positive way and builds the core strengthens of your body.

  1. Dance


Dancing has always been a wonderful way to express yourself and your feelings. The choices in dance are pretty much endless, so you end up with plenty of varieties to try. Although different types of dance forms provide different benefits but the common element is the potential to integrate the body, brainpower, and spirit, and leaves you energized and transformed!

No matter even if you can’t tune to the beats but for sure you can vent out your emotions and feelings in a positive way.

  1. Tai Chi

Harvard Medical School has reported that Tai Chi helps to build strength, flexibility, and balance, and may benefit medical conditions including arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, sleep problems, stress and anxiety, and improve quality of life for cancer patients.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise which is almost 700 years old. It is a gentle martial arts practice that emphasizes better mood, lower levels of depression, stress, and anxiety. The art helps in healing heart problems and reduces inflammation. Although it’s technically a martial art but it has similar aspects as yoga such as physical postures and breathing techniques, along with meditation.

  1. Slack Lining:

Once restricted to circus performances only, this form involves walking on a slack line, tightrope, or a trapeze. This kind of activity holds numerous health benefits and in old age when things get harder walking on these fine lines helps.

This practice involves full body workout such as Yoga and helps in improving balance, sharpens focus, straightens posture, and since it is an outdoor activity it boosts appreciation for nature and promotes social interaction.

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