NC, Congress stay away from All Party meet on extension of central GST law to J&K

Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti on June 13, 2017 convened an All Party Meeting to discuss various issues related to the implementation of GST regime in J&K.

Srinagar: The National Conference and Congress stayed away from the All Party meeting on extension of Goods and Services Tax to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

PDP-BJP government had formed an All Party Committee (APC) to evolve a consensus over the GST law.

In the previous meeting on this issue, the chief minister committed that before any further meetings are called on this issue, the government would share its proposal and all supporting documents with the participants well in advance, National Conference on Saturday said.

NC spokesperson told KNS that the government has failed to do so, making it impossible for All Party Committee to finalise its stand on what the government is proposing.

APC on GST is going on at Nehru guest House today. PDP MP Muzaffar Hussain Baig is heading it.

“Therefore, it was not possible for our party to attend this meeting,” he said.

Congress refrained from the meeting convened on GST citing “non-serious” attitude of the coalition government with regard to implementation of GST.

The Party also blamed PDP-BJP coalition for being in a “state of confusion” over GST, as a result, the trade bodies in the entire state were in dilemma.

“Congress party has decided to refrain from the meeting,” a Congress statement said, “Govt has failed to circulate draft proposal, as it was agreed that the draft resolution of GST would be circulated to Congress and other parties, enabling them (Opposition) to debate and discuss the GST at length in order to evolve a consensus, but this is unfortunate that no such proposal from the government’s side has come out so far, which reflects that both PDP-BJP are in a state of confusion and has no roadmap on GST.”

It may be recalled that partner in government, right wing BJP, demanded from PDP to implement the central GST law in “national interest”.

It warned that if such a step is not taken BJP would “pull out of coalition”.

However, the Kashmir based trade bodies have warned government of “2008-like” agitation if fiscal autonomy of J&K is eroded.

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