Burhan rules Kashmir: Rasheed

Srinagar: Independent lawmaker Engineer Rashid on Friday in the Assembly said that the government had ‘lost’ to slain Hizb commander Burhan Wani yet again as they had to shut down internet and deploy an additional 21000 forces in the valley to prevent protests on the eve of his first anniversary.

“This proves that Burhan rules Kashmir. The fact that you had to shut down internet and deploy 21000 additional forces in Kashmir proves that you have lost to him and he is the icon of the people of Kashmir,” Rashid said.

The fiery lawmaker, in referendum style, asked the members of the house that how many of them consider Burhan Wani a terrorist.

“Those who do from Madam Mufti to Mr. Javed Beigh, please raise your hands,” Rasheed said.

However no hands went up, including the members of the right-wing BJP.

Instead, the members of the BJP including Ravinder Raina asked Rasheed that who gave him the authority to decide if Burhan was not a terrorist.

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