Stink bombs: Foul smell may be the new weapon in Army’s arsenal in Kashmir

Srinagar: In order to ‘control’ the protestors in Kashmir, Kannauj-based perfumers have developed a stink bomb: a device made to create an unpleasant smell.

A stink bomb is a device designed to create an unpleasant smell. They range in effectiveness from simple pranks to military grade ‘malodorants’ or riot control chemical agents.

“It is a capsule which will burst and create smoke having unbearable odour,” said Shakti Vinay Shukla, principal director, Fragrance And Flavour Development Centre (FFDC).

“The odour producing chemicals would be put in small glass capsule. These capsules will be fired through tear guns,” said Shukla adding.

He further added that the scientists at the defence laboratory at Gwalior would conduct the trial soon.

According to reports, it will be handed over to the army after getting the necessary clearance and approval from the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and the Union Ministry for Defence.

report in the Telegraph, back in 2001, said that the United States army was developing the ‘mother of all stink bombs’, with a stench so repulsive that it could ‘disperse rioters’ and ’empty streets’.

Another report in the Telegraph UK, September 2016, said that “newly declassified letters reveal “inventive” weaponry (stink bomb) proposals to help Allied Forces defeat Hitler’s third Reich and the Empire of Japan during World War Two.”

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