Biker from JK becomes first to win Wrangler’s True Wanderer

Srinagar: Rahul Gupta, an ardent biker has become the first person from Jammu and Kashmir to have emerged as the winner of Wranglers True Wanderer season 6.

True Wanderer is an annual Adventure Biker contest organised by Wrangler held at a pan India level which features 25 finalists and the winners are decided on the basis of successful completion of the given tasks and online voting.

These top 25 finalists go aboard on an adventure trip to discover unique perspectives, explore new cultures, and rediscover themselves

He travels by his bike while exploring his passion which is ‘adventuring and romancing the nature’. A true wanderer, an adventurer and a nature lover, he explores the unknown places and different cultures.

Rahul Gupta, after becoming the only person selected from J&K for the first time in history, made the state proud by having won such a prestigious adventure competition. Rahul Gupta travelled from Jammu to Basohli covering 949 kilometres for this competition.

Rahul ‘found his first love in his bike’ and was fascinated with them since childhood. After his studies, he chose to work in the corporate sector but was soon bored of the same. It was during one of his job postings that he realized that he had to quit the mundane working of a corporate job and follow his heart.

He started his own venture promoting interior concepts and with his own enterprise, he had enough time to spend with his family, his wife and kids. He was also sponsored by Jammu Tourism for promoting adventure tourism in unexplored areas in Jammu region where he was leading over forty bikers from different parts of the country.

Whether it’s exploring the unknown or escaping the monotonous mundane, the ‘True Wanderer competition is for the Wanderers in the real sense.’

The incredible encounters and experiences of these wanderers were captured in their Wanderer Diaries on the Wrangler website, where their friends and followers could go check out their adventures and vote for them.

Rahul shares that MA Rx 100 was his first love. Remembering the fun rides, the ‘geris’,  the instantaneous thrill running through his nerves and his riding passion deepened in the year 2005, when he got an assignment in the rural sector in the district. Udhampur was where he used to ride up to 100 km’s daily and when the winds passed through him while he went into the lap of mother nature passing through picturesque mountains, streams, and off-road paths, Rahul fell in love and he knew from the beginning that it was eternal love.

Rahul speaks of the immense support he received from his family, especially his wife who completely gets to understand Rahul’s love for the adventure of biking. So while he keeps wandering these mountains, Rahul wife’s understands his love to be a wanderer where the real purpose of his life exists.

Speaking about J&K and its culture, he says “culture is not made up but something that evolves and while on these bike trips, Rahul has experienced vast cultural diversity.

He has seen children from Muslim backgrounds ‘going to Hindu and other schools following Dogri Bhaderwahi and nomadic tribal spreading the message of communal harmony.’

When asked what he wants to see riders who want to pursue the passion of riding, he says, “You enjoy bike rides but must follow basic safety rules”.



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