Time for a second lesson for ‘forgetful’ India: Chinese state media

Beijing: A day after China said that it would safeguard its security interests at “any cost” as its sovereignty was “indomitable”, amid a standoff with India in the Sikkim sector, China’s state-run media yet again fired a fresh salvo at India on Monday.

An editorial in the English language daily Global Times urged China to “teach India a second lesson”, in an apparent reference to the 1962 Indo-Sino war.

For more than five weeks, the two countries (China and India) have been involved in a stand-off along a part of their 3,500 kilometres shared border. Since both the countries are populous and have very robust economies, and have fought a war over border disputes in 1962, the stand-off has attracted global media attention.

“If this kind of logic holds, a third country can certainly enter into Kashmir, including India-controlled Kashmir, upon Pakistan’s invitation,” the article in the state run media Global Times said.

Both India and China have rushed more troops to the border as the divide between the two neighbouring countries is turning out to be one of the longest since the India-China war of 1962.

“The public’s patience is running short with India’s Doklam transgression,” the article said.

“As India continues down this intransigent path, perhaps it is time that it be taught a second lesson. Their troops in Doklam could either withdraw voluntarily, be captured or may be killed when border disputes escalate”, Liu Youfa, China’s former consul general in Mumbai, made the above comments in an appearance on CGTN.

Referring to the construction work done by China along the border, the article said, “that a public infrastructure project in one country can be viewed as a strategic threat to another, and worse yet be used as an excuse warranting an invasion, is unprecedented in recent human history.”

“But the Indians have misunderstood their audience. China is no Sikkim or Bhutan, where India’s hegemonic tactics have worked. We wouldn’t have the patience to listen to that kind of wanton robber logic,” it added.

“It baffles this author that India has the courage to transgress another country on its behalf. And in this case, Indian troops even entered into Doklam from the China-Sikkim border,” it added.

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