Ready to fulfill conditions for a plebiscite in JK: Pak envoy tells Rasheed

Delhi: Independent lawmaker Engineer Rasheed on Saturday claimed that Pakistan’s Ambassador in New Delhi Abdul Basit told him that Pakistan is ready to fulfill all the conditions necessary for a plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement Rasheed added that Basit also said that they have always supported the Kashmiris and their just cause of Right to Self Determination.

“At a farewell function organized in Delhi in his honour, while replying to Er Rasheed’s questions during the interaction Basit said that Pakistan is always ready to fulfil all the conditions required as per United Nations resolution,” Rasheed said in a statement.

Abdul Basit, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India.

The statement further added, “It is necessary that Pakistani Govt. is clean over the issue so that all the confusions are cleared once for all. Delhi has been maintaining that Pakistan is just talking about UN resolution to corner Delhi and is never sincere to implement the conditions. However if Pakistan claims to be sincere in giving Kashmiris right to self determination it must break the Indian propaganda and openly show its willingness to fulfil all that what is required to implement the resolution,” Rasheed asked Basit as per the statement.

While replying, Basit told Rasheed Pakistan has always supported Kashmiris’ Right to Self Determination.

“In response Basit made it clear that Pakistan has always supported Kashmiris and their just based cause of right to self determination and will not waste a second when Delhi and the United Nation come forward for the final resolution.” Rasheed said in the statement.

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