Video: Spanish police’s violent crackdown on Catalonian referendum voters

Catalonia: As thousands of people in Catalonia (Catalunya) prepared to vote in an independence referendum on Sunday, Spanish police resorted to a violent crackdown on polling stations and voters.

Video footage shows protestors and voters alike being fired with rubber bullets and police stamping on independence supporters at one polling station.

Photos circulating on social media show the bloody outcome of Catalunya’s independence referendum.

The photos show bloodied locals being walked away by police while one photo shows an elderly woman being carried by her arms and legs by Spanish riot police.

Police have used rubber bullets to shoot at voters, while locals have been seen throwing barricades at the authorities.

The administration in Madrid have deemed the referendum “illegal”as the north east region attempts to break away and have denied accusations of police brutality.



Spanish police dragging voters out of a polling booth:

Spanish police manhandling protesters:

A crowd stands singing they are no threat but Spanish Police start shooting and hitting the protesters with batons:

Spanish police donning balaclavas raid a polling station and confiscate ballots:

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