Braid Cutting

Braid chopping a collective assault on our dignity and honour: Sakina Ittoo

‘It seems that government is deriving sadistic pleasure from this mysterious assault on our dignity which is spreading far and wide with each passing day’

Srinagar: Senior National Conference Leader and Former Cabinet Minister Sakina Ittoo on Wednesday led a protest march of party activists from her residence at Damhal Hanjipora to the SDM Office at the Tehsil Headquarter and demanded action from the Government over the menace that has created an atmosphere of fear and anxiety among women in the Valley.

Addressing the protest march, Ittoo said it was unfortunate that despite the fact that the State was led by a female Chief Minister, the Government continued to be insensitive towards this very grave issue.

“One would have expected the Chief Minister to take serious cognizance of this issue and take visible and stern action. This is a collective assault on the honour and dignity of our mothers, sisters and daughters and is happening under the nose of the Government. Every assurance by the Police and the Administration till now has turned out to be a cruel joke as more and more cases continue to be reported across the length and breadth of the Valley. Why is the Chief Minister so insensitive towards her people? Either she doesn’t want to stop this menace or she is incompetent in dispensing her duties in securing the people. In either case, it is her failure first and foremost”, the Senior NC Leader said.

“If the Government cannot nab the culprits and miscreants or even get any leads, how can the people expect this Government to ensure the safety of their lives? It is the basic duty of a Government to safeguard the lives and honour and dignity of its people but we have a Government that seems to be deriving sadistic pleasure from this mysterious assault on our dignity which seems to be spreading far and wide with each passing day”, Ittoo futher said.

Addressing the gathering, the former Cabinet Minister demanded a time-bound inquiry and welcomed the directives of the Honourable High Court to the State Government about the braid-chopping menace.

“We welcome the intervention of the High Court into this grave issue and it seems the Government had chosen to remain inactive and clueless and the hope lies in this intervention now. The Judiciary in the State has rightly reminded the Chief Minister and her Government of their sworn responsibility to uphold the basic rights of the people to honour, safety and dignity and we hope the Government now comes up with answers and stops dilly-dallying on this issue”, the Senior NC Leader said.

The protest march was also addressed by Party Block Presidents, Block Secretaries and Block Vice Presidents and attended by senior party activists.

(With inputs from KNS)

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