Modi wants peace with Pak but not in way that ‘cuts against his own security’: US

Washington: The United States on Saturday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants peace with arch-rival Pakistan but not in a way that ‘cuts against his own security’, reported the Press Trust of India.

A Trump administration official on conditions of anonymity, told PTI , “It’s clear to everyone that Prime Minister Modi wants peace in the region, but he can’t pursue peace (with Pakistan) in a way that cuts against his own security. So that (having peace talks with Pakistan) is up to his judgment.”

The official added that US want India and Pakistan to talk as dialogue will lead both the countries to unprecedented levels of prosperity.

“We want India and Pakistan to talk. We think that is so important for them to talk and to build confidence and to get on a path to regional security and stability which we know would bring both countries to unprecedented levels of prosperity,” he said.

He further added, “What we hope is that dialogue, continued dialogue, continued efforts to generate a higher degree of understanding to convince those in Pakistan, including the Pakistani army, that it is really in their interest to build confidence to open commerce and to achieve the kind of peace that would lead to prosperity.”

The Indian policy as of now is that ‘talks and terror’ cannot go together. This stand has been many times reiterated by the External Affairs Minister Sushman Swaraj in the Indian Parliament.

The official however said that India has to make its own judgment on that.

“India will be the best judge. Certainly, President Trump has great respect for Prime Minister Modi and his wisdom, and his leadership ability,” the official added.

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