Interlocutor will play an important role in the return of power projects: State Power Minister

“We wanted to develop the power sector, funds were available too but they (stone-pelters) didn’t let us work” 

Srinagar: As anger is growing among the people against the worsening power scenario in Kashmir valley, the government has blamed stone pelting for hampering the developments in the power sector.

The government also said that return of power projects from centre was an important part of Agenda for Alliance in the BJP-PDP coalition government and that the recently appointed interlocutor will play an important role in the negotiations.

“Common masses of the valley must understand that from last two years these people (stone pelters) did not let us to work during the working seasons. They have left the stones only in the month of August this year. If we really want power system to better, then everyone must cooperate with the government,” Minister of State for Power Syed Farooq Andrabi who was in Dehli to meet union Power minister told KNS.

The Minister said that it is a fact that unrest was prevalent everywhere in valley from last two years.

“We wanted to develop the power sector and I can say that funds were available with the government, but it was unfortunate that in 2016 and even in this year these people did not allow us to work,” the minister blamed.

Blaming people for misusing the electricity, the minister said that the curtailment schedule will remain in place during the months of winter.

“See people are not using power judiciously. People have started using all heating gadgets including boilers, heaters, blowers and other heavy gadgets, which cause a lot of load on the present power system and accordingly the PDD department has to rest the system,” the minister said.

The minister further added that people must not forget that in the months of summer this year, the PDD department provided all better power facility.

“We have the same Power available with us which we had in the months of summer, so because of the load, we have no option left except to curtail,” the minister maintained.

Commenting on the recent statement of union minister for power, in which he has stated that the return of power projects is not possible, the PDP minister maintained that the minister actually had not stated like that.

“I was present there. He had said that negotiations are on over the issue with the state government,” the minister claimed.

The minister said that he is in New Delhi and has met the union power minister.

“I have met the power minister here and discussed several issues regarding the developments of power sector and the return of power projects.

Andrabi further said that the recently appointed interlocutor will play an important role in getting back of power projects.

“We are committed on our agenda of alliance. I believe that the interlocutor will play an important role in the negotiations of return of power projects,” the minister maintained.

The minister appealed people to use power judiciously. “We have given 1 crore to each of the constituencies of the sate for improvement of power, but people have to play a great role by using the power judiciously, the minister concluded.

(With inputs from KNS)

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