State govt preparing list of people, delegations I will meet, says Interlocutor Sharma

He is not coming here as a party representative, we will meet him like any other delegation: BJP

Srinagar: Government of India’s newly appointed interlocutor for Kashmir Dineshwar Sharma on Sunday said the State government is preparing the ground for him and he would just come and talk to the people or the delegations.

“State government that is preparing the list of the people and delegations who are going to meet me during my visit as an interlocutor,” Sharma told KNS adding that he should be judged through his actions.

Earlier Sharma told a national news agency that his work should be seen as a “serious effort”, adding, “one should refrain from fishing in the desert”.

“I am going there tomorrow to be with my people and understand their pain and suffering and find a suitable remedy to their problems,” Sharma said.

Meanwhile, BJP said the party has no idea with whom Sharma is going to meet or talk.

BJP Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi said the party doesn’t know how many delegations or people are meeting Sharma.

“He is not coming here as a party representative. He is an official appointed by the government of India. We will just go and meet him like any other political party,” Sethi said.

He said, “I think he will invite everyone. We will also seek time and meet him,” Sethi said.

(With inputs from KNS)


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