‘Gunman’, ‘Shooter’, ‘Criminal’: How the word terrorist was avoided by the International Media

A terrorist wearing all black and a ballistic vest opened fire outside a small Baptist church in a tiny town in Texas, United States, killing at least 26 people and injuring 20 others in the country’s most recent terror strike.

Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, confirmed the death toll, which steadily increased throughout the day after the shooting at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs.

The international media covered the event extensivley, but avoided the term ‘Terrorist’, choosing ‘Shooter” and ‘Gunman’ instead.

Two officials who were briefed on the investigation, identified him — on the condition of anonymity to the US media — as Devin P Kelley, 26. Kelley is reported to have served in the US Army.

Here is how BBC reported the event, calling the terrorist a ‘Gunman’.

The CNN was no better, and avoided the term ‘Terrorist’ by calling him a ‘Shooter’.

Los Angeles Times followed the BBC.

NDTV also went with ‘Gunman’.

So did New York Times.

The Washington Post also called the terrorist as a ‘Gunman’.


Does the identity of the terrorist as White male who served in the US Army have anything to do with the International Media’s avoidance of the word ‘Terrorist’?


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