Interlocutor Sharma meets Governor

Jammu: Dineshwar Sharma, Special Representative of the Government of India for dialogue in Jammu and Kashmir, met Governor N.N. Vohra at the Raj Bhavan in Jammu. Sharma is currently visiting the state and meeting representatives of different sections of society, student organizations, political parties, social and religious groups.

Sharma informed the Governor about his talks with various individuals and groups in the Valley and the major concerns which had been voiced by those he had met on his first visit to Kashmir.

Governor suggested Sharma that, notwithstanding any initial reservations in some groups, he must sustain the dialogue and hear one and all, particularly elements of the society who apparently held contrary convictions.

The Joint Resistance Leadership rejected the dialogue offer calling it a ‘time buying tactic’. Business community of the valley including the apex bodies also stayed away from meeting Sharma.

The President of the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry Javed Tenga had said that the previous interlocutors also held deliberations however nothing came out.

Mohammad Ashraf Mir, President, FCIK, termed the dialogue as a bid to ‘buy peace’ and said that they should go people who are ready to take that offer.

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