Watch: This year the Salomon Dream Trip is Gulmarg, Kashmir and it is out of this world. 

If you could ski anywhere in the world with your favorite Salomon athletes, where would it be?

Salomon TV gives skiers a chance to win a ‘Dream Trip’. And this year, the participant, Lovisa Rosengren chose Gulmarg, Kashmir.

Twenty-two year old Swede, Lovisa Rosengren, chose the trip spot with Cody Townsend and Kalen Thorien from Salomon TV.

What was supposed to be a cultural trip, turns into so much more when a 3 meter storm rolls through the resort.

Gulmarg is a big ski hill serviced by a gondola, and you’ll have to get the lungs going to make the most of it. The lift tops out at about 4,000m with the summit of Mt Apharwat another couple of hundred metres above that, which provides 1,500+ metres of vertical.

Some of the bowls off the summit have a straight 1,200 metres of thigh-destroying vertical descent, which is a heave for skiers.

The amount of Gulmarg ski terrain is virtually unlimited and includes alpine bowls, chutes, cornices, glade skiing amongst ancient pines, and glacier skiing without the glacier.

That’s not to mention the epic ski journeys down to some of the local shrines and villages which add a whole new dimension to the terrain.

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