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JK police warn against unauthorised social media posts with DGP, other officers

[Photo: Unsplash/ Piotr Cichosz]

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir police is warning the public about people posting unauthorised photos with the Director General of Police (DGP) and other senior officers on social media.

According to a statement, the police have noticed that some people are sharing photos of themselves with the DGP or other senior officers on social media platforms without proper permission. These photos are often taken at social or cultural events where people happen to meet the officers.

The police emphasise that it is inappropriate to share such photos publicly without the DGP’s or senior officers’ consent. They warn that using these photos to intimidate, extort money, or claim government benefits by implying a connection to authority is illegal and punishable.

The statement urges the public to be wary of such behaviour and encourages everyone, including community members, students, and workers, to expose and report these actions by unscrupulous individuals to the police without fear of reprisal.

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