Many in Bihar ready to slit PM’s throat and chop his hand, says Rabri Devi

A day after Bihar BJP chief Nityanand Rai exhorted his party workers and supporters to chop the hands and fingers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s critics, former Chief Minister Rabri Devi has hit back at BJP when she said that many in Bihar were ready to slit the throat of PM Modi and chops his hands.

According to a report in India today by Rohit Kumar Singh, Rabri Devi made this controversial comment at the national council meeting of RJD where Lalu Prasad was declared national president of RJD 10th time in a row.

“Some leaders in BJP are saying that those who raise fingers at PM Modi, their fingers will be broken and hands will be chopped. I challenge them to chop the fingers and hands of the people of Bihar. Will people of Bihar remain silent? There are many people standing to chop their hands. There are many here who will slit Narendra Modi’s neck and chop his hands,” the former Chief Minister Rabri Devi was quoted by Singh as saying.

Rabri’s scathing attack on the BJP came in the backdrop of ongoing corruption cases going against Lalu and her son Tejaswi Yadav.

She said that her family was being implicated in false cases of corruption as part of the conspiracy. She also dared the CBI and ED to come to Patna and question her in the railway tender scam.

Despite several notices issued by ED asking her to come to Delhi for questioning, Rabri said that she would not go to Delhi at any cost.
“I am not going to go to Delhi. I am not afraid of CBI and ED. It’s the job of investigating agency to question and so they should come to my house in Patna and question me,” said Rabri Devi.

It is notable that, the verbal duel between BJP and PM Modi’s critics began on Monday when the Bihar BJP chief said how Narendra Modi despite facing extreme poverty in his childhood went on to become the PM and it is something that should be taken pride in.

In the same breath he said that anyone who criticizes the PM, his hands and fingers should either be broken or chopped. Rai, however, after the controversy blew up, apologized for his comments.

“I used the phrase just as a proverb. I did not mean to actually chops someone’s hands or fingers. I apologize for my comments if it hurt anyone,” said Nityanand Rai, Bihar BJP President.

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