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Sanskaari Pahlaj Nihalani’s Julie 2 is an expected D Grade skin show

The film’s opening with a ‘Pahlaj Nihalani Presents’, does not really go with the Sanskari tag.

With a title like Julie, from the classic vintage song, to the new age Neha Dhupia starer, the name has had context. But Nihalani’s recent avatar as the protector of Indian Culture also does not fall straight, with some of the cheap erotica invoking films he has done.

Julie 2 doesn’t disappoint either, in breaking the little faith left in the power of cinema. With Nihalani as a censor board chief, which has been censoring films, not favourable to the ruling party’s agenda, left right and center, one expected a little image consciousness. But Nihalani has shed the Sanskaars.

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