From 50:50 deal, JK reduced to mere 12% share from NHPC, agreement file ‘missing’

File related to NHPC agreement continues to remain missing

Srinagar: The file containing Cabinet decision No. 328 dated 21-06-1975 about the Indus Water Treaty continues to remain missing from the official records with government have no clue about its whereabouts so far.

A senior official said that it was due to this missing file that instead of the 50:50 partnership, the state is getting mere 12 percent out of the total power produced from its water resources by NHPC.

The other files related to the issue is the file bearing No. PD/IV/243/72 containing all the correspondences with regard to NHPC projects.
Reports earlier informed that the absence of relevant records directly at first affected Dul-Hasti Power Project of which the NHPC took control in the year 1979.

The project got delayed but commissioned after a gap of nearly twenty Eight years in . reports informed that the NHPC was not willing to work on terms & conditions as originally agreed by State Govt. for vide Cabinet decision No. 328 dated 21-06-75.

Shockingly, the termed discussed in 1975 submitted that 50 percent of the power generated from the projects will be available to State and any profit earned on sale of balance 50 percent will be shared between State Govt. and Union Government.

The file that still is missing from the official records, as per the reports was also about the agreement between the State Govt. and NHPC over the issue of “exemption of Stamp duty” chargeable on Transfer deed of Land between Govt. Of India & NHPC in respect of Salal Project, as mentioned at para 11 of folder bearing No. PDD/IV/118/79. The absence of the file left the state authorities crippled to identify the exact status of NHPC in Jammu and Kashmir.

The former minister Taj Mohi-ud-din on the floor of the house admitted openly that due to the absence of the file from the official records, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is losing 10 thousand crore annually.

From the NHPC the state purchases power worth billions of rupees and despite having the potential of generating 30,000 MW of power, 25 per cent of state’s population, as per figures, is without electricity and 55 per cent without safe drinking water, despite the huge water resources in the state.

Meanwhile, repeated attempts to call incumbent Power Minister for comments over the issue didn’t fructify.


(With inputs from KNS)

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