Telangana woman disfigures lover’s face to pass him off as murdered husband

A 34-year-old woman who killed her husband and tried to pass off her lover as her husband, after disfiguring his face with acid, has been arrested by police in Nagarkurnool town in Telangana.

Nagarkurnool Town Police said that they have arrested Swathi Reddy, wife of Sudhakar Reddy, who was bludgeoned to death by Swathi and her lover, Ajakole Rajesh Reddy, on November 27.

“Swathi is a trained nurse and she gave anaesthesia injection to Sudhakar on November 27 afternoon. When he was unconscious she and Rajesh hit him on his head with an iron rod and bludgeoned him to death. They disfigured his face and dumped the body at Nawabpet forest after partially burning it,” Investigation Officer Srinivas Rao told the Indian Express.

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