During hearing on drying up of temple pond, Pak SC lambastes administration

The court was angry that some Hindu temples have no idols

The Pakistan supreme court is annoyed that some Hindu temples in the country’s Punjab province don’t have idols of the religion’s gods, reported The Express Tribune.

The country’s top court accused the province’s administration of negligence towards members of the Hindu community from around the world.

“What impression of Pakistan would they have if they do not find idols in the temple”, the court asked.

Notably, the court made these comments in an Islamic country; idolatry is a sin in Islam.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court made these observations during a hearing they initiated of their own accord on the reasons for a pond drying up at the famous Katas Raj Temples in a place called Chakwal.

The pond is believed to have been created from the tears of Shiva and is regarded as sacred by Hindus.

The report says the pond is drying up because of groundwater depletion, no thanks to the area’s cement factories.

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