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Concentrate on your own job, don’t meddle in education: Education Minister tells Army Chief

Srinagar: A day after the Army Chief Bipin Rawat said that teachers in Kashmir teach two maps to students, one of Kashmir and one of India, Education Minister Altaf Bukhari has said that the army should not meddle with the education sector and concentrate on their own job.

Bukhari, while speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a function said, “Army should concentrate on their job and not interfere in education sector. Even those who don’t have domain in education sector issue comments on education.”

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Bukhari went a mile further and said that people who commenting are not doing their job properly and that is the reason for our ‘suffering’.

“Perhaps the people who are giving comments on how we should run education sector are not doing their job properly and that’s why we are suffering,” said Bukhari.

Army Chief Rawat in a press conference had said that JK teacher were teaching two maps to the students.

“In the schools in Jammu & Kashmir, what teachers are teaching should not be taught. In schools in J&K, there can be seen 2 maps, one of India another of J&K. Why do we need a separate map for J&K? What does it teach the children?” he asked.

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