Congress accuses Modi of using border tensions as a launchpad for 2019 polls

Srinagar: The Congress on Tuesday accused the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti of allowing BJP to use escalation of violence at Kashmir’s borders as a launching pad for the parliament elections of 2019.

The state Congress chief G.A. Mir said that the tension on borders in Jammu and Kashmir at present is being used by the BJP in mainland India to score political points and make it a vital part of the election campaign for the year 2019.

Mir added that the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir is allowing BJP to do so and amidst all such scenes, the lives of innocent people is getting lost for no fault.

The Congress chief also castigated the state government, accusing it adopting double standards to hoodwink people.

“In assembly, the chief minister says that whatever Kashmir will get, will be given by India alone and outside the assembly, same chief minister is asking Modi not to make Jammu and Kashmir a battle field. What sought of politics is this?,” Mir asked.

He maintained further that the democratic institutions in Jammu and Kashmir have been reduced to rubble with the coalition leaving no stone unturned to belittle the credibility of the chief minister’s post.

“The statement of the chief minister over the border tensions is nothing but tantamount to begging. She should know that she has the mandate of the people and she is the one who can take command not just appeal Modi to bring back peace on borders,” Mir said.

(With inputs from KNS)

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