Don’t use cellphones during ‘sensitive duty’, ‘state of alert’, states DGP’s order to personnel

Srinagar: Last month the government of Jammu and Kashmir issued a ‘gag order’ asking it’s employees not to express their ‘political views on social media’. Now Jammu and Kashmir Police has asked it’s personnel not to use their mobile phones while on a ‘sensitive duty’, state of alert and training, reported the Greater Kashmir.

The order which has been issued by the Director General of Police S P Vaid reads, “Ever since the mobile services were launched in the state, the police personnel as others have taken advantage of the fast communication it provides in carrying out their official tasks. However, the disturbing trend is that police personnel deployed on guard duties or point duties are invariably seen often talking on their cell phones oblivious to the task and responsibility they are entrusted with.”

The order further points out, “This results not only in disruption of police duty but can also be a great security risk as the sentry or traffic official would hardly notice looming threat or disruption when his mind and body are concentrated elsewhere.”

The order also mentioned that police recruits who are under going training keep using their cellphones without any restrictions.

“Carrying cell phones and using them during duty hours or while undergoing training besides becoming cause of distraction/disruption or damage, also amounts to flouting of norms of discipline and conduct rules,” the order read.

This “unhealthy practice”, the order added, of using cell phones while on duty is very disturbing and has negative impact on the overall working environment and image of the Department, besides compromising the efficiency and efficacy of the tasks.

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