Kashmiris rally in London to protest Indian Republic day outside Indian Embassy

Declaring India to be a rogue nation run by terrorists, President World Kashmir Freedom Movement (WKFM) Muzzammil Ayyub Thakur and President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK Fahim Kayani slammed the government of India’s shameful record on human rights violations.

The protest included five vans wrapped in posters depicting Indian crimes and driven around London to highlight Indian brutality in Kashmir, Punjab, Nagaland, Assam, Manipur and against Dalits. Lord Nazir, British Friends of Kashmir and other community leaders were involved in the innovative campaign and protest. Further protests and seminars were conducted simultaneously across UK and Europe by Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK.

In a memorandum delivered to the Indian High Commission in London amid vociferous protesting, Thakur and Kayani accused the establishment and its institutions of turning Kashmir into an open-air prison run by mercenaries, thugs and criminals protected by illegal laws. Theymocked India’s celebration of their so called secular democracy and constitution whilst trampling on civil liberties of Kashmiris.

In a statement, WKFM said, “India has no moral right celebrating Republic day when for more than 70 years India has violated international law and refused to adhere to U.N. resolutions granting the people of Kashmir the right of self-determination. Indian state terrorism is tantamount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, with mass human rights violations amounting to genocide and ethnic cleansing. Furthermore, the incarceration of innumerable political and human rights activists makes them prisoners of conscience while thousands more, including minors, languish in jails all across India without the right to a fair trial, or imprisoned under fake allegations.”

They went on to state that until Kashmiris are given the right to self-determination as mandated by the United Nations, illegal laws repealed and demilitarisation of Kashmir does not take place, India will continue to be exposed at every opportunity for being a terrorist nation.

“The blood-thirsty government is run by an extremist Hindutva ideology which thrives on radicalisation of the Indian public, however, the hard work performed by civil societies to uncover the man-made crisis created by India and crimes committed in Kashmir will surely hurl India towards self-implosion. The resistance leadership and the people of Kashmir have shown great resilience against the oppressive tactics of India to crush the legitimate struggle against occupation,” the statement added.

Paying glowing tributes to sacrifices of Kashmiri victims, martyrs and their families, Thakur and Kayani pledged that the campaign against India would continue until the dispute of Kashmir reaches its logical conclusion, adding that no amount of intimidation would diminish thedemand for freedom.


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