India has a strong desire to control South Asia, regards the region as its ‘backyard’: Chinese Media

Srinagar: The Chinese Media on Wednesday said that India should stop interfering in the internal affairs of Maldives where an emergency has been declared.

An Op-Ed in the Global Times read that India regards South Asian region as it’s backyard.

“India has a strong desire to control South Asian countries. It regards the region as its backyard. New Delhi is particularly sensitive to any endeavor by small South Asian states toward independence and autonomy, especially ties with other major powers. New Delhi takes it for granted that it can openly intervene in their domestic affairs,”the article said.

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The article further read, “But consciousness of sovereignty is rising among South Asian states. This, combined with New Delhi’s clout, is permeating the region’s political life. The amount of intimacy a country enjoys with India has become a key political indicator for a South Asian government. All small South Asian nations want to extricate themselves from India’s excessive leverage.”

It also pointed out that India has adopted a Western political system, and its active social organizations permeate their way into neighboring countries.

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