Nehru asked RSS to help when Pakistan attacked Kashmir after independence, claims Uma Bharti

Bhopal: The first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru had sought the help of the RSS when Pakistan attacked Jammu and Kashmir soon after independence, claimed Union Sanitation Minister Uma Bharti.

She added that the Sangh volunteers went to Kashmir to help. Bharti’s comment comes day after RSS chief Mohan Baghwat said that they can prepare an Army within three months.

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While speaking to reporters, Bharti, however refused to make a direct comment on  Bhagwat’s remarks.

She claimed that Nehru was in ‘dilemma’ as Maharaja Hari Singh was not signing the accession treaty and Sheikh was pressing him to sign.

“Nehru was in a dilemma. Then Pakistan suddenly attacked and its soldiers advanced up to Udhampur,” she said.

She further claimed that the Indian Army did not have “hi-tech equipment” to reach there immediately as the attack was unexpected.

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Bharti mentioned that Nehru wrote a letter to the then RSS chief seeking his help. “At that time, Nehru-Ji wrote a letter to Guru Golwalkar (then RSS chief MS Golwalkar) seeking RSS volunteers’ help. RSS volunteers went to Jammu and Kashmir to help,” Ms Bharti claimed.

Rahul Gandhi had castigated the RSS chief by saying that his comments were an insult to every Indian, Indian flag and every soldier who died for it.

However, the RSS, in a statement had clarified that Bhagwat didn’t compare RSS volunteers with the Army and his comments were misrepresented.

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