Welcome to Goa, says CM Parrikar, ‘but don’t urinate on roads’

Panaji: Chief Minister of Goa Manohar Parrikar has said that everyone is welcome to Goa on the condition that people should not urinate on roads and add to the garbage.

His comments come after the Planning Minister of Goa Vijai Sardesai had said that domestic tourists are the ‘scum of the earth.’

Parrikar also said that Sardesai’s comment will not impact tourism in the coastal state. He added that while the choice of Sardesai’s words was harsh, he did not intend to incite violence.

“Everyone is welcome, subject to (the) condition that he should not urinate on the roads or strew garbage,” Parrikar told reporters while adding, “He (Sardesai) asked me a question whether it will impact (the tourist flow). I do not think it will impact… I will prefer to have a good and responsible tourist from any place in the world.’

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The Chief Minister said that basic social etiquettes applied to the locals as well.

Recently Sardesai said that North Indians want to create ‘a Haryana in Goa’ and said that domestic tourists are the ‘scum of the earth.’

Sardesai, who was speaking at the Goa BizFest in Bambolim, contradicted Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s target of one crore tourists and asked the government to attract foreign and upper-class Indian tourists.

Sardesai is the president of the Goa Forward Party which is part of the BJP government in Goa.

“Today we have almost six times population of Goa coming as tourists. Those tourists are not top-end tourists, they are also the scum of the earth. Are they responsible? They are not. If you compare Goans to rest of India, we are high in per capita income, social and political consciousness, we are much superior than people who are coming in. Those people, how you will control (them)? Can you control them?”

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